The LSAA 2018 Conference Theme

"Innovate into the Future"

Thursday and Friday October 25-26 2018 at UTS Sydney

We are following on from the 2016 Conference "Design Beyond Boundaries" where we looked at the design of projects that were beyond the traditional boundaries of Engineers and Architects. In 2016 we were also honouring the legacy of Frei Otto who challenged both disciplines to work together to realize outstanding solutions.

From humble beginnings in our industry where small scale physical models were used to visualize 3D forms, we are now entering an era where the rapid growth of technology enables us to create, develop, refine and review in a faster and more effective manner. As both virtual and augmented reality grow, computers allow us to experience planned structures in 3D in ever increasing definition and scale. Robotics and 3D printing are part of the new technological revolution enabling major improvements in R&D, prototyping, manufacturing and building construction.

Whilst these are exciting times, we are often held back by material properties and we will be endeavouring to look at the current thinking and regulations pertaining to fire.

The Conference will be a blend of lectures and panel sessions to enable dialogue on issues such as prescriptive versus performance based design with particular reference to fire, wind, rain, hail and other project specific environmental and usage criteria. 

The LSAA is pleased to be working with the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at UTS in Sydney to bring you this exciting Conference and Awards.

For a elaboration of the theme see the article "Innovate into the Future"

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