This category includes protruding entrance coverings from buildings as well as free standing shade providing structures.

These forms may not necessarily have tensioned fabric as a major component. In the case of free standing shade canopies it is likely that the supporting structure is not truly a lightweight structure but has a more architectural quality.

Award of Excellence LSAA 2018 Design Awards (Medium Structures)


Architectural shade Sculptural canopies


Westfield Carousel is one of the largest shopping centres in Perth and is on track to becoming the largest shopping centre in Western Australia. The centre caters to over 630,000 consumers (almost 1/3 of Perth’s population).

In 2017, Westfield Carousel underwent an AUD$350 million redevelopment to create over 60 new retailers, a rooftop dining area, and a fashion precinct. Part of this redevelopment was to install a series of custom structures that would provide shade to the outdoor area but also enhance the design intent of the alfresco area. The client decided on architectural tree-like canopies with aluminium louvers that looked amazing and provided the required shade for shoppers.


Community Gathering hub, Shelter and Performance stage.

Highly Complex, Triangulated, Polycarbonate roof structure, with a complete 3-Dimensional form.

86m2 total roof surface including both structures.


Design Intent

Technical challenges from our perspective where mainly based around design intent and ensuring we could maintain this, whilst managing the overall buildability of the structure to ensure we could build within councils limited budget. We achieved this by working with Council and discussing design changes openly to ensure everyone involved was on the same page. The total Surface area of the Polycarbonate roof panels is 86 m2.


Five themed PVC Mesh Canopies for shelter of patrons queueing for the DC Rivals Hypercoaster ride at Movie World on the Gold Coast.


The project involved design, fabrication and installation of five PVC “leaf-like” dark mesh canopies with a total fabric area of 415m2 for the leaf structures and 45m2 of wall panels. The canopies are designed to provide shelter from sun and rain for Movie World customers while queueing at the DC Rivals Hyper Coaster Movie World Ride.

The structures were designed to give views of both the coaster and the feature walls depicting DC characters; and to help build excitement for Hyper Coaster customers as they wait in line. The concept architecture required that the fabric design and colour match the theme of the ride.


Outdoor Stage Canopy


Structure was originally envisaged to disappear into the background of the new digital façade.

Design workshops starting with many different material and went through different iterations of demountable to final permanent structure.  ETFE cushions were originally envisaged as a lightweight and demountable system.

Further development with the end user ended up with a final structure has a thin profile steelwork onto which a thin polycarbonate structure is supported and cantilevered off.

Structure consists of straight lines but no 90 degree angle in the system as the structure emulates the façade digital geometry into its DNA.



Highly interactive artistic and architectural shade canopies, featuring intricately designed complex steel geometry and custom fabric patterns to work with the exciting environment of the children’s playground.

Location: Subiaco, WA.   Completed: July 30 2015

Client: John Holland Group

Team: JCY Architects, Greenup Design International, Fabritecture, Textile Fabrication Services, Fabritecture
LSAA 2016 Design Award Entry by Fabritecture (Designer and Installer)

Elements Wine Bar

Entrant:                Structurflex Ltd - Turn-key Contractor
Location:              KCPL District - Kansas City Missouri USA
Client:                 The Cordish Group
Architect:            360 Architects
Struct. Eng.:        Wade Design Engineers & Wayne Rendely PE
Builder:               Structurflex
Fabricator:          Structurflex


High Commendation LSAA 2018 Design Awards (Category 2 Medium Structures)


A series of circular architectural fabric structures


The Capital Square Podium project was part of an overall construction of 3 office towers and the Podium building. A series of circular architectural fabric structures were built on the terrace, using Ferrari Soltis 381 mesh to create ambient shaded areas during the day, and an integrated LED lighting system to produce an element of excitement at night-time. The architectural shade structures were constructed on the rooftop terrace of the Podium, alongside other world-class facilities like a gym, pool and auditorium.

The concept for the development was to create a residential and commercial hub in the heart of Perth’s CBD. The towers are built on the historic site of the Old Emu Brewery, on the corner of Mount Street & Spring Street in Perth. The overall project has a strong focus on sustainability, aiming to achieve 3 separate 5-star Green ratings across design & energy. The client requested a unique set of circular architectural shade structures to compliment the upscale rooftop facilities of the Capital Square Podium building.