A great Conference Dinner and Design Awards Function was held.

Results will be published shortly but many of the entries can be seen under the Awards menu

"Innovate into the Future"

Thursday and Friday October 25-26 2018 at UTS Sydney

A great Conference, Dinner and Design Awards Function was held at the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at UTS.

Results of our LSAA Design Awards and details of the many entries can be seen under the Awards menu

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Theme: In the modern world, progress is fast.  Exciting new opportunities and revolutions in buildings lie around every corner.  New ideas in design and sustainability will shape us and our buildings as we go into the future. Download Conference Flyers here: Summary or Full Prog (5Mb PDF)

"Innovate into the Future" explored the expanding frontiers of architecture and engineering in lightweight structures.  It examined the changing ideas and concepts in the field over the years, whilst looking forward to what the future holds.

The conference showed off some of the innovations that lie at the centre of tomorrow’s world.  Cutting edge modern designs and concepts were highlighted, illustrating design challenges and solutions.

The LSAA Conference was not possible without the collaboration with UTS and the generous support of our sponsors

Combined jpgPlatinum: Serge Ferrari, Gold: Gale Pacific, Ronstan, Awards: Hiraoka, Silver Pro-Rig, Verseidag

Download Conference Flyer HERE for a complete description of the program, keynote speakers and sponsors.

The following gallery of images represents the projects entered into the 2018 LSAA Design Awards. Individual projects will be featured on the home page for periods.


Congratulations to New Zealand for the terrific result in winning back the America Cup.

The boats truly represent a pinnacle in terms of Lightweight Structures:

  • superlight and stiff fabrics used for sails
  • elaboarte cutting patterns to achieve the desired three dimensional shapes in the sails
  • orientation of the fabric to resist stresses and maintain the profiles to generate maximum driving forces
  • like many fabric structures, the wind loadings are the dominant load case
  • very flexible supporting systems from high tech materials
  • minimal weights and reliance on moving ballast etc.

In 2013 the LSAA had their Conference in Auckland and we were fortunate to have a presentation about the 2013 NZ efforts.

Well done guys.