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We are a Not-for-Profit Professional Association operating primarily in Australia and New Zealand. We are governed by a Committee of Volunteers and we organize Conferences and our Industry respected Design Awards.

LSAA Mission Statement:

"To lead, promote and develop excellence and innovation in lightweight structures by inspiring research and disseminating expert knowledge to expand the industry and opportunities for our members".

The Lightweight Structures Association is a Not for Profit, autonomous, inter-disciplinary group of interested parties involved in the field of lightweight structures. Operating primarily in Australia and New Zealand our basic aim is to promote the proper application of lightweight structures, their design, fabrication, construction and materials and to encourage the development of these and other aspects essential to lightweight structures.

Download a brochure about the LSAA, its activities and types of structures we deal with. Download a Member Application Form

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To establish itself as a reference body on lightweight structures;
  • To collect and disseminate information in the field of its members, encouraging the exchange of information between members and those interested, through publications and the organisation of meetings, seminars and conferences;
  • To promote the proper application of lightweight structures;
  • To contribute towards implementation of suitable guidelines for the design, analysis, fabrication, construction and application of lightweight structures;
  • To encourage research and development in the field;
  • To maintain links with international institutions and groups to update technology and information; 
  • To promote the services and products of the members; and
  • To provide educational resources to professionals and students of architecture and engineering.


The main contact for LSAA is:

Email (best):  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: Australia Mob 0428 414 093
Postal: P.O. Box 4047, Oatley, NSW, Australia 2223

Following several major building fires around the world there has been a reaction in Australia to introduce restrictions into various regulations that will affect the fabric segment of our industry.

The LSAA is taking a lead role in the formation of a task force to address these changes.

Several of the changes brought on by perhaps ill-informed wording could have a serious impact on the use of fabric in structures.

A fact finding exercise is being planned for 2018-19 followed by steps to have our industry have a voice before future changes are introduced to the NCC.

December 2018

Links to current financial LSAA Members (2020) can be found under the Member Profiles section of this website where a brief profile is provided. Our members are grouped into categories such as suppliers, fabricators, designers (engineers and architects) and installers.

Financial members may display the LSAA Logo on their website and publications and enjoy benefits such as having their profiles listed, articles being promoted and discounts for Conference and Design Awards registrations.

Typical lightweight structures include cable-, membrane-, shell-, and folded structures as well as space grids, braced vaults and domes, arched-, stayed-and trussed systems. Membrane materials are commonly PVC-coated polyester fabrics as well as PTFE coated glass. Lightweight structures are widely employed in architecture, engineering and building construction and find application in long span roofs for stadiums and exhibition structures; covered shopping malls; entrance structures; signature structures and sculptures as well as shade and environmental protection canopies.

The following links are provided for your use (last update July 7 2020):

  • Engineers Australia (EA)

  • Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA)

  • Specialized Textiles Association (formerly ACASPA) (STA)

  • Council of Textiles and Fashion Industries Australia (TFIA) 

  • Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) 

  • International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (ISAA)

  • Fabric Structures Association (FSA)

  • Australian Steel Institute (ASI)

  • The Steel Construction Institute (SCI)

  • Textile Testing Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA)

  • CSIRO Textile & Fabric Technology (CSIRO TFT)

  • Outdoor Fabrics and Product Association of NZ (OFPANZ)

  • Technical Textiles Magazine (TTM)

  • Tensinet (TNET)

  • The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)

  • The Urban Design Forum(UDF)

  • Formfinder Software and Membrane Structures Database (Formfinder)

  • Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies (IMS)

  • Indian Technical Textile Association (ITTA)

  • Bridge Design and Engineering (BD&E)


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The following links may be useful for those involved in Lightweight Structures:

Technical work being undertaken by the LSAA is currently focused on the Fire Issues following on fires being spread up tall buildings because of inappropriate use of combustible cladding material.

LSAA Design Guidelines

This document has been issued for public comment and its aim is to document what is considered to be industry best practice.

It recognises that the field of tensioned fabric structures is a specialized area and the guidelines elaborate that these structures should be designed by close collaboration between competent and experienced persons.

Download a copy HERE

LSAA Design Handbook

The Handbook is more in its early stages of development. The intention is to develop a definitive "Code" or "Standard" for the design and construction of tensioned membrane structures.

For a general description of tensioned membrane structures - download a brochure HERE


1.     About this Privacy Statement

The Lightweight Structures Association of Australiasia Inc. (LSAA) is bound by the National  Privacy principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) in relation to the handling of personal information.  This statement sets out its commitment to privacy.

2.    Personal information collected

Constitution of the Lightweight Structures Association of Australasia Inc.

Download a PDF File of the Constitution 

At the 2016 LSAA Conference held at the Monash University of Art, Design and Architecture (MADA), Peter was presented with an Honorary Life Member trophy for his outstanding and long contribution to the LSAA.

In particular Peter has been a driving force in the realization of the technical programs of many of our previous Conferences.