The LSAA Conferences run over two consecutive days with a gala Conference Dinner and Design Awards on the Thursday night.

There is a mix of invited Keynote speakers as well as speakers from the local industry.

Some sessions are devoted to recent projects and some are devoted to industry issues such as performance of fabric structures in fire.

Pre-Conference Workshop (September 16 2020)

Details are being finalized for a combined workshop dealing with the design, fabrication and erection of fabric structures.

We will be working with the STA

Day 1 Conference (September 17 2020)

Session 1 - Welcome and Keynote Address

Session 2 - Fire Issues and their Impact on the Industry

Session 3 - Projects in Australia and Overseas

Session 4 - New digital Technologies and Research

Session 5 - Public Lecture

Conference Dinner and LSAA Design Awards

Day 2 Conference (September 18 2020)

Session 6 - Keynote Address

Session 7 - Student Design Project Reports

Session 8 - Hands on Workshop