Category Winners:

Category 1 - Small Structures - Orion Springfield
Category 2 - Medium Structures - Great Southern Oceans
Category 3 - Large Structures - The Grand Pavilion, RAS
Category 4 - Special Applications - Counter Observation Barrier Screen 

Category 1 Small Structures

AWARD – Orion Springfield

This canopy structure over a pedestrian crossing on a busy street 
links retail areas and provides a legible and memorable urban 
marker to an otherwise complex and perhaps typically 
confusing mass of signs, different building forms and materials. 

The asymmetrical canopy geometry is an appropriate response 
to the urban 
setting demonstrating the value of integrating 
site specific urban considerations 
with an elegant and 
sophisticated light structure. 

The location of steel elements, use of colour and emphasis 
of the ephemeral 
character of the canopy fabric together 
create an exceptional design response 
the value of employing light structural concepts in urban settings. 

Cat 1 winner

cat 1 winner B

Category 2 Medium Structures

AWARD – Great Southern Oceans

The geometry of this relatively conventional use of fabric 
as a shade structure 
is derived from the site constraints and 
layout of outdoor seating to view 
sea mammals trained for 
pool events at Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney.

Together with the architectural elements the light structure 
and fabric create 
an appropriate playful character and 
exceptional environment for viewing these events. 

The triangulated overlapping forms of the fabric and 
tensile structural elements 
contribute to the audience 
experiencing a sense of engagement with the pool activities. 

The tensile forms create light and shade patterns of visual 
interest throughout the day 
and also provide an unmistakable 
form visible from some distance to mark the location of the venue.

winner cat 2 A

winner cat 2 B

Category 3 Large Structures

AWARD – The Grand Pavilion, 
Royal Melbourne Showgrounds

This tensile fabric roof structure is ‘grand’ in every sense 
as the scale of the elements 
and geometric configuration 
dramatically emphasises the substantial enclosed area 
of the pavilion. 

Ventilation and light control elements are integrated 
with principal structural members to form 
a spectacular 
interior experience of space. The translucent light through 
the canopy fabric 
further emphasises the lyrical forms 
creating an important new interior at the 
Royal Melbourne 

The Grand Pavilion is an exemplary use of light structure 
to create architecture of significance. 
The structure demonstrates sophisticated design 
construction skills providing an impressive facility for the 
accommodation of 
large gatherings within a single flexible space.

winner cat 3 A

winner cat 3 B

CITATION – School of Information Technology, Screen

This structure is designed to improve the interior amenity of a 
teaching facility 
by modifying the heat load from solar access 
and negative acoustic effects 
of the adjacent busy road network.

The structural steel and glazing details form an impressive 
architectural screen 
contributing positively to the design of 
the public domain. 
Theatre advertising is also accommodated 
successfully in the structure 
to provide an effective 
architectural resolution to a complex series of spatial 
environmental considerations. 

 citation cat 3

Category 4 – Special Applications

AWARD – Counter Observation Barrier Screen

This structure is designed to provide protection for people 
and facilities 
exposed to extreme acts of terrorism including 
car bomb and rocket attack.

The use of light structure and fabric is normally not associated 
with the design 
of heavy duty protective barriers. 
Typically the material of choice is concrete for its mass and 
other related properties.

The ingenuity demonstrated by this structure to be able 
to protect against 
the most damaging effects of extreme 
explosive force and missile projection is exemplary. 

Other advantages of this innovative application of light 
structure include 
speed of erection, transportability and 
cost effectiveness.

winner Cat 4 A

winner cat 4 B

Citation – Moet and Chandon

An interior experience for a champagne maker has been 
created that effortlessly 
appears to resemble champagne 
itself through the use of light, and fabric. 

Rarely is an interior design so appropriate to purpose 
conceived using light structure and fabric. 

The experience of the space sets the mood and tone for 
the celebration 
of all the pleasures that champagne can 
bring to human experience.

citation cat 4

Small Structures - (Less than 250 sqm)

Four Entries were received in this category from

  • Tensys,
  • Structurflex,
  • Architectural Sails and
  • UFS Australasia

1007 Melbourne International Arts Festival - The Clubhouse

Entrant: Tensys
Client: Melbourne International Arts Festival
Architect: Wood Marsh Architecture
Structural Engineer: Tensys
Specialist Consultant(s): Tensys
Builder: Melbourne International Arts Festival
Fabricator(s): Atkins Fabrications Pty Ltd, 
Thornton Engineering Australia Pty Ltd - steelwork

1007 Arch  1007 Interior 

1022 Northern Busways Park & Ride Terminals

Entrant: Structurflex Ltd
Client: North Shore Council
Architect: Opus
Structural Engineer: Compusoft Engineering Auckland
Builder: Works Infrastructure
Fabricator(s): Structurflex Ltd 

1022 Exterior View  1022 Exterior View 2  

1463 Orion Springfield

Entrant: Architectural Sails
Client The Mirvac Group
Architect: Rice Daubney
Structural Engineer: Wade Consulting Group
Builder: Mirvac Constructions (Qld) P/L
Fabricator(s): Architectural Sails

1463 Street View  1463 Street View 2 

1837 Mpowerdome Entry Structure

Entrant: UFS Australasia Pty Ltd
Client: Mpowerdome
Architect: Small Quinton Coleman Architects
Structural Engineer: Wade Consulting Group
Builder: UFS
Fabricator(s): Fabric Shelter Systems

1837 Night   1837 Daytime View

Medium Structures (250 sqm - 1000 sqm)

Six entries were received in this category from

  • Taiyo Membrane Corp (2),
  • PT Binatama Akrindo,
  • Structurflex Ltd,
  • Architectural Sails and
  • UFS Australasia.

2001 Australian Wildlife Centre Healseville Sanctuary

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp,
            Tattersall Engineering, Minifie Nixon Arch
Client: Zoos Victoria
Architect: Minifie Nixon
Structural Engineer: Tattersall Engineering
Specialist Consultant(s): Wade Consultants,
                                   Taiyo Membrane Corporation
Builder: Behmer and Wright
Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

2001 Healseville Sanctuary  2001 A 

2002 Mosque Jakarta

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Client: Taiyo Birdair Asia PTE LTD
Architect: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Structural Engineer: Robert McDonald (TMC)
Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp 

2002 A  2002 B 

2007 La Piazza - Jakarta

Entrant: PT Binatama Akrindo
Client: PT Summarecon Agung Tbk.
Unit La Piazza
Architect: PT Binatama Akrindo Sarjono Sam
Structural Engineer: PT Binatama Akrindo Tensys
Builder: PT Binatama Akrindo
Fabricator(s): Atkins Fabrications Pty Ltd, 
                    PT Binatama Akrindo -
                    Tridome space frame system + steelwork

2007 G  2007 E  

2022 Al Raheeb Kindergarten Fujairah, UAE

Entrant: Structurflex Ltd
Client: Dubai Municipality
Structural Engineer: Wade Consulting Group
Builder: Mazroui General Contracting
Fabricator(s): Structurflex Ltd 

 2022 Rendered  2022 Entrance

2469 Great Southern Oceans

Entrant: Architectural Sails 
Client Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales
Architect: Jackson Teece Architects
Structural Engineer: Hughes Trueman (Concept Design)
Specialist Consultant(s): Wade Consulting Group,
Fabricator(s): Architectural Sails 

2469 A  2469 B 

2837 Jirrawun Arts Centre

Entrant: UFS Australasia Pty Ltd
Client: Jirrawun Arts Pty ltd
Architect: Bruce Henderson Architects
Structural Engineer: Craft Projects
Specialist Consultant(s): UFS
Fabricator(s): Fabric Shelter Systems, DMG Engineering

2837 A  2837 B 

Large Structures ( > 1000 sqm)

Eight entries were received in this category from

  • Taiyo Membrane Corp (3),
  • Structurflex Ltd,
  • Oasis Tension Structures,
  • Tattersall Engineering,
  • Taylor Thompson Whitting and
  • UFS Australasia. 

3001 Flemington Racecourse

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Client: Victoria Racing Club
Architect: Taiyo Membrane Corporation
Structural Engineer: Xiang Du (TMC)
Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

3001 A  3001 E 

3002 Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Client: Major Projects Australia
Architect: Peddle Thorpe Architects
Structural Engineer: Xiang Du (TMC) &
                             Connell Mott McDonald
Specialist Consultant(s): Connell Wagner (steel design)
Builder: John Holland Pty Ltd

3002 A  3002 E 

3003 Radome

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Client: Bureau of Meterology
Architect: Taiyo Membrane Corporation
Structural Engineer: Michael Lester (TMC)
Specialist Consultant(s):
Builder: OZRIG
Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

3003 A  3003 B 

3022 Dubai Outlet Mall - Entrance Dome

Entrant: Structurflex Ltd
Client: Emirates Engineering Services
Architect: ARENCO
Structural Engineer: Wade Consulting Group
Fabricator(s): Structurflex Ltd

3022 A  3022 a 

3195 The Grand Pavilion, Royal Melbourne Showgrounds

Entrant: Oasis Tension Structures
Client: Multiplex Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd
Architect: Darryl Jackson Pty Ltd
Structural Engineer: Tensys
Specialist Consultant(s): Drafting Steel One
Builder: Oasis Tension Structures (Australia) Pty Ltd
Fabricator(s): Atkins Fabrications Pty Ltd,
                    Structurflex NZ, 
Geelong Fabrications, Ronstan

3195 A  3195 B 

3197 Aquinas College Forum Structure

Entrant: Tattersall Engineering
Client: Aquinas College / J A Dodd
Architect: Designinc Adelaide (Geof Naim)
Structural Engineer: Tattersall Engineering
Specialist Consultant(s): Wade Consultants
Builder: Tecraft Pty Ltd
Fabricator(s): Horizon Sailmakers /
                    C E Bartlett, Riband (Steel) 
                    A Noble & Son (Cables)

3197 A   3197 B

3348 School of Information Technology, Screen

Entrant: Taylor Thomson Whitting
Client: University of Sydney
Architect: FJMT
Structural Engineer: Taylor Thomson Whitting
Specialist Consultant(s): MPG Façade Innovations
Builder: A W Edwards
Fabricator(s): Long Span Steel

3348 A  3348 B 

3837 Sydney Wildlife World

Entrant: UFS Australasia Pty Ltd
Client: Sydney Attractions Group
Architect: Misho & Associates/
              RIHS Architects – Misho & Gerry Rihs
Structural Engineer: Fabric: Wade Consulting
                                        Joseph Dean, 
Steel: S2 Corporation Murray Allen
Fabricator(s): Fabric Shelter Systems Graham Griffin

3837 A  3837 B 

Special Applications

Six entries were received in this category from

  • Taiyo Membrane Corp (2),
  • Tensys,
  • Structurflex Ltd,
  • S2 Corporation and
  • Alfresco Shade. 

4001 Moet & Chandon

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Client: Moet & Chandon Australia
Architect: Chris Bosse (PTW)
Structural Engineer: Xiang Du (TMC)
Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

4001 A  4001 B 

4002 Entry Paradise Pavilion

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Client: Chris Bosse
Architect: Taiyo Membrane Corp & Chris Bosse
Structural Engineer: Xiang Du (TMC)
Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

4002 A  4002 C 

4007 Clarke Quay Redevelopment

Entrant: Tensys
Client: Capital and Commercial Ltd
Architect: SMC Alsops & RSP Architects
Structural Engineer: Tensys
Specialist Consultant(s): Arup (Environmental)
Builder: Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd
Fabricator(s): Skyspan (Asia) Pvt Ltd – Riverside/Bluebell 
canopies HIghtex GmbH – Street/Angel Canopies

4007 A  4007 B 

4022 Vector Arena Atrium Lights

Entrant: Structurflex Ltd
Client: Vector Arena
Architect: Peddle Thorpe Architects
Structural Engineer: Compusoft Engineering Auckland
Fabricator(s): Structurflex Ltd

4022 A  4022 B 

4113 Airspace

Entrant: S2 Corporation
Client: Boeing Australia Limited
Structural Engineer: S2 Corporation Pty Ltd
Specialist Consultant(s): Healey & Castle Associates
Fabricator(s): Casa Engineering, CAD Tech, UFS

4113 A  4113 B 

4229 COBS -CT Counter Observation Barrier Screen - Counter Terrorist

Entrant: Alfresco Shade
Client: SAAB Barracuda Australia
Structural Engineer: Ian Norrie (Bond James Norrie),
                            John Williams (Hughes Truman)
Specialist Consultant(s): SAAB Sweden
Builder: Alfresco Shade
Fabricator(s): Alfresco Shade

4229 A  4229 B