Special Applications

Six entries were received in this category from

  • Taiyo Membrane Corp (2),
  • Tensys,
  • Structurflex Ltd,
  • S2 Corporation and
  • Alfresco Shade. 

4001 Moet & Chandon

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Client: Moet & Chandon Australia
Architect: Chris Bosse (PTW)
Structural Engineer: Xiang Du (TMC)
Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

4001 A  4001 B 

4002 Entry Paradise Pavilion

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Client: Chris Bosse
Architect: Taiyo Membrane Corp & Chris Bosse
Structural Engineer: Xiang Du (TMC)
Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

4002 A  4002 C 

4007 Clarke Quay Redevelopment

Entrant: Tensys
Client: Capital and Commercial Ltd
Architect: SMC Alsops & RSP Architects
Structural Engineer: Tensys
Specialist Consultant(s): Arup (Environmental)
Builder: Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd
Fabricator(s): Skyspan (Asia) Pvt Ltd – Riverside/Bluebell 
canopies HIghtex GmbH – Street/Angel Canopies

4007 A  4007 B 

4022 Vector Arena Atrium Lights

Entrant: Structurflex Ltd
Client: Vector Arena
Architect: Peddle Thorpe Architects
Structural Engineer: Compusoft Engineering Auckland
Fabricator(s): Structurflex Ltd

4022 A  4022 B 

4113 Airspace

Entrant: S2 Corporation
Client: Boeing Australia Limited
Structural Engineer: S2 Corporation Pty Ltd
Specialist Consultant(s): Healey & Castle Associates
Fabricator(s): Casa Engineering, CAD Tech, UFS

4113 A  4113 B 

4229 COBS -CT Counter Observation Barrier Screen - Counter Terrorist

Entrant: Alfresco Shade
Client: SAAB Barracuda Australia
Structural Engineer: Ian Norrie (Bond James Norrie),
                            John Williams (Hughes Truman)
Specialist Consultant(s): SAAB Sweden
Builder: Alfresco Shade
Fabricator(s): Alfresco Shade

4229 A  4229 B