Award of Excellence LSAA 2018 Design Awards (Medium Structures)


Architectural shade Sculptural canopies


Westfield Carousel is one of the largest shopping centres in Perth and is on track to becoming the largest shopping centre in Western Australia. The centre caters to over 630,000 consumers (almost 1/3 of Perth’s population).

In 2017, Westfield Carousel underwent an AUD$350 million redevelopment to create over 60 new retailers, a rooftop dining area, and a fashion precinct. Part of this redevelopment was to install a series of custom structures that would provide shade to the outdoor area but also enhance the design intent of the alfresco area. The client decided on architectural tree-like canopies with aluminium louvers that looked amazing and provided the required shade for shoppers.

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Photo Credit: Scentre Group Design


The design brief called for a series of sunshade structures that used a unique system of double curvature steelwork, incorporating louver blade systems as the shading system. The direction of the steelwork was combined with double curvature around the perimeter ring beam to position the louvers at a slight twist. This created an interesting feature effect as the louvers don’t line up with the next, producing a unique shadow pattern.

A special paint system and colour was applied to the steelwork to really make the canopies stand out.


The tapered central columns were designed to add finesse to the design, which could conceal all electrical reticulation for the luminaires. The shade structures were fully modelled and pre-assembled during fabrication to ensure the accuracy on the location of the cleats along the perimeter beams for the aluminium louver blades.

The optimal size and inclination of the louver blades was defined to ensure wind loads didn’t exceed the maximum loading allowed for the cantilevered beams, which were spanning up to 10m from the structure columns/trunks.

Special structural connections were designed to achieve a seamless transition between structural members, aimed to achieve the organic aesthetics of a tree.


The tree-shaped shade structures are made from coated mild steel. The louver blades of these structures are made from aluminium with custom endcap/connection cleats. A specialised PVDF paint system was used in a metallic finish to compliment the architectural design intent.


A trial assembly was completed in the factory for every single tree shade structure. This assembly involved all the steel members to ensure the design geometry met accurately.


The footings for the structures on an upper level needed careful collaboration with the client. This was due to the large counter lever forces from the high and wide canopies (which are 9m wide).

The trial assembly previously mentioned in the factory was to check and measure to ensure accuracy of geometry for a smooth installation. The checking and quality control was completed to be sure the louver blades were all on the correct lines/angles.


Entrant:  Fabritecture
Role played by Entrant:  Designer / installer

Location:  Cannington, WA 
Completed:   May 2018

Client:  Scentre Group Design

Architect:  Scentre Group Design
Engineer:  Wade Design Engineers
Builder:  Fabritecture
Photo Credits: Scentre Group

Photo Credit: Scentre Group Design