Five themed PVC Mesh Canopies for shelter of patrons queueing for the DC Rivals Hypercoaster ride at Movie World on the Gold Coast.


The project involved design, fabrication and installation of five PVC “leaf-like” dark mesh canopies with a total fabric area of 415m2 for the leaf structures and 45m2 of wall panels. The canopies are designed to provide shelter from sun and rain for Movie World customers while queueing at the DC Rivals Hyper Coaster Movie World Ride.

The structures were designed to give views of both the coaster and the feature walls depicting DC characters; and to help build excitement for Hyper Coaster customers as they wait in line. The concept architecture required that the fabric design and colour match the theme of the ride.

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The purpose of the structures was to provide exciting and functional shade structures for patrons queing up for the DC Rivals Hyper Coaster at Movie World. The structures needed to be innovative, eye catching and allow good views of the coaster and 3D DC character Feature Walls whilst still providing shelter. The structures needed to fit in a very specific arear along with other landscaping, pathways and loading areas. The concept evolved into the design of five “leaf like” structures made from PVC mesh. Using individual structures gave coverage to the clientele whilst maintaining clearances to other features like handrails and landscaping. Using a dark coloured mesh gave the view of the ride and the feature walls that the client wanted while protecting their guests. Allowance also had to be provided for lighting and speakers.

Installation of the structures required a great deal of co-ordination with other contractors who were installing loading platform and landscaping at the same time. A hard deadline had to be met so that the structures were ready in time for the Coaster opening. The structures were assembled back of house and then craned into position over the roller coaster out of theme park operating hours.


The five structures comprise of porous PVC membranes supported around the perimeter with steel compression beams which create the outer shape of a leaf. A valley cable along the center was incorporated to develop tension through the body of the fabrics. The perimeter beams are supported with tapered rafters representing leaf veins branching from central midrib beams and supported with 2 columns along the midrib beams. The geometry and size of the structures was heavily dictated by the landscaping of the paths while not covering vision lines of ride attractions. The design needed to be robust to be suitable for the geometry requirements of the five areas but have a commonality between the different types.


The client chose a dark PVC Mesh Ferrari FT381 to enable maximum protection for patrons while still allowing views of both the roller coaster and the DC Character feature walls. A MakMax proprietary extrusion was used for the project. Locally made steel was used as it was both the client preference and also enabled meeting the tight timeframe.


The fabrication was carried out using RF welded seams. The PVC mesh was tensioned with custom made cables with stainless steel terminations.

The design detailing allowed for adjustment of fabric tension through cable adjustment which meant that fabrication tolerances were not extremely critical.


The tight time frame required for the project meant careful planning in consultation with other contractors. The installation required craning completed structures over the roller coaster and so co-ordination with park management was required to enable out of hours work for both patron safety and also to assist in maximum productivity for all contractors working on the site.


Entrant:  MakMax Australia
Role played by Entrant:  Designer, Engineer, Fabricator, Installer

Location:  Coomera, Gold Coast, QLD 
Completed:   October 2017

Client:  Village Roadshow Theme Parks

Architect:  MakMax Australia
Engineer:  MakMax Australia