Membrane Project Finder

The world´s first Membrane Project Finder povides powerful knowledge of the Formfinder Development Group at the Technical University in Vienna. The huge database on membrane buildings includes drawings, images and complete project descriptions to access the relevant design decision information.

The next step is to open the database also for Formfinder Light users and to integrate the 350 KG (yes, Kilogramm) data collected by Professor Vinzenz Sedlak of Sydney Australia.

(Vinzenz established the MSAA and hence the LSAA in Sydney and was its President for many years).

Thousands of slides have already been scanned in and are currently prepeared for publication.


We are proud to announce that the complete IF Group Horst Dürr Project Archive with slides is now also part of Project Finder.
Also new in Project Finder is the complete Stromeyer Jörg Wagner Project Archive with thousands of slides.

We already scanned and edited over 25,000 slides in the year 2010!

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