Large fabric structures have generally been thought of as those that have a fabric surface area greater than 1000 square metres. These structures may be described as single surfaces or panels in the form of one of the classic hypars, barrel vaults, cones, panels with single or crossing arches - or a combination.

Larger fabric structures can also be made from several modules or panels of similar forms to build up a substantial sized structure. The multiple panels might be arranged in a linear layout, or in a circular or oval pattern commonly found in stadia roofs.  The boundaries are defined structurally and geometrically by straight or curved elements such as arches, edge beams and cables. The prestress forces from adjacent panels often counterbalance and the more efficient structures have a larger degree of symmetry and continuity such as a complete "bicycle wheel" for the roof a major sports stadium. Stadiums are grouped in a separate menu item.

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LSAA 2007 Design Award Entry: Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp
Client: Major Projects Australia
Architect: Peddle Thorpe Architects
Structural Engineer: Xiang Du (TMC) & Connell Mott McDonald
Specialist Consultant(s): Connell Wagner (steel design)
Builder: John Holland Pty Ltd

No further details have been entered for this project

This project was entered in the 2013 LSAA Design Awards

Entrant:                                 MakMax Australia

  • Category:  4                ID Number:  4302

  • Location:                     Brisbane Domestic Airport

  • Client:                         Brisbane Airport Corporation

  • Completion Date:        June 2012


  • Architect:                    Hassell

  • Others:                       Custom Cables

  • Builder:                       Liang O'Rourke Pty Ltd

  • Fabricator:                   MakMax Australia

  • Installer:                      OzRig

  • Steelwork:                   Steelman

APPLICATION OF PROJECT:    Pedestrian bridge roof, open air.


This airport terminal access project involves the construction of a major pedestrian bridge linking a new multi-level car park and train platforms to the terminal building one of the country’s business airports.

This covered walkway project is part of a larger group of construction projects which serve to improve all pedestrian and vehicular traffic at the airport.


Award of Excellence LSAA 2018 Design Awards Large Structures


Bowling green tensile membrane roof


The overall project was specifically conceived and designed to provide a community meeting point to focus and reinvigorate the residents of a depressed suburb which had been in steady decline for more than 30 years. Many residents of this suburb are elderly and due to transportation access and costs seldom left their homes, hence social integration and community interaction was poor. The additional aim of the project was to have the elderly and young be involved in community based sports and activities to invigorate, inspire, and bond fellow citizens.

The client requested a facility that would provide a modern, strong and striking aesthetic focal point for the community. Strong consideration for contemporary design using cost effective materials and building solutions and a highly functional space which could be adapted for use indoor and outdoor lawn bowls to concerts, big screen movies and other community organised events was paramount. Clearly a large building with clear and unobstructed span was required.

LSAA Design Awards 2013 Award of Excellence

Souk Okaz Public Theatre

Entrant:                     MakMax Australia

  • Category:  6                ID Number:  4303

  • Location:                    Taif City, Kingdom of Audi Arabia

  • Client:                        Taif City

  • Completion Date:        March 2013


  • Architect:                   Diyar Consultants

  • Structural Engineer:    MakMax Australia

  • Specialists:                 MakMax (Designer)

  • Builder:                      Abdullah Hassan Al Shihry Contractors

  • Fabricator:                 Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo, Taiyo Middle East

Judges Comments:

"Well integrated and designed perfectly for its place."

"This looks to be very successful integration of lightweight elements with solid architecture. There's no sense that the roof has been conceived independently of the rest of the theatre. Lovely tent-like effect; very effective use of pattern on the 'fly sheet'."

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Decorative roof, culturally significant

The purpose of Souk Okaz Public Theatre was to deliver both a functional public space for cultural activities and evocative ambience reminiscent of the ancient pre-Islamic era of a bustling Bedouin market place. 

Chevron Renaissance

MakMax Australia (Engineer, Fabricator, Installer)

Entered into the LSAA 2016 Design Awards

Location: Gold Coast, QLD. 

Team: MakMax Australia

No further information has been entered for this project.


Entered into the 2009 LSAA Design Awards

Entrant:          Structurflex Ltd - Engineering Fabrication Installation
Location:         Kaipara Harbour
Client:             Keystone Trust
Architect:        Noel Lane Architects
Struct. Eng.:    Structure Design & Compusoft Engineering
Builder:           Grayson Engineering
Fabricator:       Structurflex

No further details have been entered for this project.


This project was entered in the 2013 LSAA Design Awards (4352)

East Cessnock Bowling Club

Entrant:                            Light Weight Structures

  • Location:                     Neath Street Cessnock NSW

  • Client:                         East Cessnock Bowls Club

  • Completion Date:        September 2012


  • Structural Engineer:    Jeremy Hunter

  • Specialists:                  Trevor Scott Building Designer

  • Builder:                       Light Weight Structures

  • Fabricator:                   Stanfast

  • Installer:                      Light Weight Structures


The project covered one Bowling Green measuring 1820 sqmts. The project was designed to offer weather protection to bowlers, including night time use of the Bowling Green (in a residential setting) and minimal cleaning maintenance over the life of the structure. 


Entered into the LSAA 2011 Awards


Sheltered below an innovative woven timber canopy, new amenities for visitors to the Waitomo Caves includes tourist gathering areas, 250-seat dining, retail, seminar and exhibition areas as well as a café and theatre for Tourism Holdings Ltd (Fig.1). (Note: These Figures / drawings are not available)

The cave entrance is accessed from the car park on the upper path while a lower path returns the visitors back alongside the stream exit (Fig. 2). Between these paths the amenities were accommodated within a simple base structure that extended the contours of the land (Fig. 3). The form of the base is distinguished and separate from the curved geometry of the overhead canopy.

Clarke Quay Redevelopment - Singapore

Entrant: Tensys
Client: Capital and Commercial Ltd
Architect: SMC Alsops & RSP Architects
Structural Engineer: Tensys
Specialist Consultant(s): Arup (Environmental)
Builder: Kajima Overseas Asia Pte Ltd
Fabricator(s): Skyspan (Asia) Pvt Ltd – Riverside/Bluebell 
canopies HIghtex GmbH – Street/Angel Canopies

4007 A  4007 B 


Zoo Enclosure for Sumatran Tigers.


The Sumatran Tiger Enclosure at Taronga Zoo consists of three separate enclosures.

Enclosure 1 and 3 are free form tensile roof canopies constructed from X-Tend Mesh.

X-Tend Mesh effectively acts as a tensioned cable net structure.

The mesh is tied to catenary cable boundaries connected to masts with tieback cables and is pushed / pulled up with 4 flying masts in each enclosure.

The flying masts are supported on a structural cable net that is attached to a large central mast and tied back to the perimeter masts structures.

On these two enclosures, there are also free form tensioned X-Tend Mesh walls that are suspended from the X-Tend Mesh roof structure and tied to the ground or to other viewing and husbandry buildings projecting into the enclosures.


LSAA 2009 Design Award Entry (3120): Car Park Canopies

Entrant:             Architectural Sails (Qld) Pty Ltd - Contractor
Location:            Lot 108 Nicholson St - Greenslopes Qld 4120
Client:               Ramsey Health Care
Architect:          Phillips Smith Conwell Architects Pty Ltd
Struct. Eng.:      Bligh Tanner & Wade Design Engineers
Others:             Ozrig Pty Ltd (Installation)
Builder:             John Holland Pty Ltd
Fabricator:        Ruffles Engineering & Atkins Fabrication

No further details have been entered for this project


Container-mounted architectural structures for university dining hall.


The Macquarie University Campus Common project comprised of the design & construction of a series of 11 container-mounted architectural awnings to cover a new temporary dining area for students. The design involved 6 market structures, 1 larger 30m x 30m ‘main’ structure, and 4 awning structures. The main structure was required to have an internal environmental control system for temperature regulation inside.

The intention of the temporary solution meant that the design allows for the structures to be easily dismantled and relocated in 5 years.