Entered in the LSAA 2007 Design Awards (Cat 3, 3003)

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp

Client: Bureau of Meterology     Architect: Taiyo Membrane Corporation
Structural Engineer: Michael Lester (TMC)   Builder: OZRIG
Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

Application and Function:

Air supported structure over a radar antennae to monitor weather for the Bureau of Meterology. The structure is air supported in order to allow for minimal interference with the antennae.

LSAADA2007Cat3254 LSAADA2007Cat3252 LSAADA2007Cat3253


Design Brief

Principal design requirement is to maintain clearances to the housed rotating doppler radar equipment during storms.  Internal pressure controller by anemometer reading

Structural Systems

Structural system is an inflated spherical dome.  Access is via airlocked stairs through floor.  The major detail requiring innovation was that for a lighting point for installation purposes.


Fabric: Seaman 9052, Tedler coating. This fabric was used for other radomes and have performed well.