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Frei Otto's Munich Olympic Stadium (c) P Kneen
Frei Otto's Munich Olympic Stadium

Frei Otto "Spanning the Future" March 2023

The LSAA and Tensys is joining with MPavilion to bring you a free screening of the documentary film about Frei Otto - "Spanning the Future"

Join us in Melbourne on Tuesday March 28 2023 at 7.45pm in the MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens (opp the National Gallery of Victoria).

Spanning the Future, is a documentary about the incredible life and work of Frei Otto. As an architect and engineer, he laid the foundation for contemporary lightweight architecture and his ideas are still awe-inspiring decades after he revealed them. This fact was cemented when he was named the 2015 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Link to Event or Download a Flyer (PDF)

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