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Innova International Pty Ltd

Innova International Pty Ltd

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For nearly 3 decades Innova International (Innova) has led the Australian market in the specification and delivery of high quality and technically superior engineered textiles.

Innova has now expanded upon this proud history by bringing to the Australian region leading-edge tensile and architectural textiles from Verseidag Gmbh.

Since our inception we have sought out the most capable global manufacturers to develop and supply innovative and high-quality textiles to a diverse range of industries and manufacturers.

Our experience in specifying technical textiles for a variety of applications has seen Innova forge a reputation as a knowledgeable and diligent partner, highly trusted by regional customers seeking a well thought out and innovative solution for their projects.

Innova continues to make significant commitments to volume stock holdings, advanced logistical capabilities, information technology and ongoing staff training. This ensures that our customers have access to the right answers and the right materials at the time they need them.

Website: www.innova.com.au

Innova / Verseidag is a Silver Sponsor for the LSAA 2018 Conference and Design Awards