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Shop With Me Mobile Pop Up

Shop With Me Mobile Pop Up


Project entered in the LSAA 2016 Design Awards (Cat 2, 492)

Entrant: Tensys Engineers Pty Ltd (Engineer)

Location: Chicago / New York / Dallas / Las Vegas / San Jose.   Completed: 2014

Client: with me. com


To create a functional and eye catching mobile pop up structure to showcase the technology and new retail ideas of the withme.com group.



Design Brief

The project was on a very fast track program with target dates to have structure ready for Thanksgiving 2015 in the USA.  Project concepts were being developed in August 2015.

Fabrication works was carried out by Atkins Fabrication in Australia using a high translucent fabric (from Hiraoka in Japan).  Client and specialist contractor in the USA.  Tensys  personnel (without sleep) in Melbourne.

Structural System

The anchorages for the tensile structure were the transport storage containers on either side of the tensile roof.  However the tensile forces were much larger than the weight of these containers and therefore additional compression members needed to be introduced under the roof to keep these transport storages apart.  These frames also create a support base for the floor system below the tensile roof

Concept Drawing1 

The walls have been designed and detailed as Plexiglas panels for ease of transportation.


Steel support structure. PVC/polyester fabric


The fabrication techniques utilized were commonly used in steel structure and tension fabric structure.  The complexity and tolerance were challenged by the short time and manufacturing starting off with 3d models rather than shop drawings.


As mentioned fair amount of collaboration in working in different countries, time zones to deliver the structure 2 weeks before Thanksgiving into Chicago

Total costs approx $1M

Ref: sliders/DA2016/Cat2/0492 DP 223