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Little Edward Street Atrium Roof
Little Edward Street Atrium Roof

Little Edward Street Atrium Roof


This project was entered in the LSAA 2016 Design Awards (Cat 2, 1429)

Entrant: Shade And Membrane Structures Australia (Design / Project Management / Install)

Completed: December 5 2013

Client: Bennelong Funds Management

Team:  Global Membrane Design, SMSA, Shadecom / Fabric Solutions

Application: To provide a waterproof covered solution to four atrium areas to a building in the Milton CBD



SMSA were initially approached by the client (Bennelong Funds) to design and construct 4 waterproof covers to protect the atrium areas of the building (approx 160sqm each). With extensive site and access restrictions in place, SMSA were able to come up with a design and construction methodology that allowed us to not only achieve what the client was looking for,but to also achieve it safely and manually without the use of lifting or access machinery within the 13m high voids.

All was completed with great success. The client and all others concerned were extremely excited and thankful for the stunning and practical addition to the building.

Concept and Structural System.

After several rounds of design iterations, we finally settled a design using four conic structures each approximately 14m in diameter. The conics were supported with minimal steel and used cable supported floating masts that minimized the amount of steel, enhanced the internal light whilst adding that nice architectural touch.

The structures were being built on the top of the buildings and every component was going to be manually handled with no room for lifting or access equipment so it was essential to minimize the weight and size of all components.


Ferrari 802s was selected for the fabric. Stainless steel cables and connections along with Triplex painted steel and membrane plate were used to ensure long life and extended periods of non-maintenance.


We contracted out both the steel and membrane fabrication. Patterning was done by Larry Shyu of GMD which was sent to Fabric Solutions for nesting, plotting and welding using their high frequency welders


We developed strong relationships with all teams in the design and supply chains. We provided extended warranty and carried out regular maintenance inspections.

2016 1429 Plan

2016 1429 Elevation


Ref: DA2016/Cat2/1429{/besps} DP ID 224