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Australian Catenary Lighting for Super Bowl 2017 in Houston TX

Houston’s Village Green was transformed in February into a vibrant “destination for play” with the completion of a new Catenary Lighting solution by Ronstan Tensile Architecture.

Discovery Green is a 12-acre park in the heart of downtown Houston, Texas that opened to the public in April 2008.  The park was transformed from an undeveloped, concrete eyesore into a beautiful and vibrant destination adjacent to the George R. Brown Convention Centre re-defining the Houston downtown and instilling a new civic pride in the city.  In preparation for the 2017 Super Bowl, the City of Houston chose a Ronstan Catenary Lighting System to create an open outdoor pedestrian area that would become “Super Bowl El Centro” and a focal point for the city’s Super Bowl related play activities.


The Avenida de las Americas at the East end of the Green was reduced from eight lanes to three creating space for a landscaped pedestrian mall and forecourt for the convention centre.   Landscape designers, SWA Group, chose a Ronstan Linear Grid Catenary Lighting feature to light and define an outdoor seating and eating area.  The structure allowed the lighting designers to play with the mood and create a unique and welcoming atmosphere underneath a transparent ceiling.  The Ronstan scope included the design and analysis of the cable net, manufacture and supply of all cable net components and supervision of the installation.

Catenary Lighting is based on “less is more”.  The cables allow light to be focussed in areas that need it, leaving other places in darkness and building character, something conventional lighting struggles to achieve.   In this way people can be guided to safer areas, with light spill reduced to minimize light pollution and energy consumption. 

Ronstan Tensile Architecture understands stainless steel cables, cable grids, nets and structures and are expert at the implementation of complete catenary lighting systems that complement the surrounding architecture.

To read more about the project click here or download our full Catenary Lighting Catalogue.

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