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S1A Keynote Address - Design Matters

DESIGN MATTERS - Creating The Bliss Point in Architecture and Engineering

What is it that creates and defines great design? Why is the iPhone a design classic and yet the Samsung Galaxy is not?  Alastair will explore the drivers of great design and how it relates to architecture and engineering through the principles of lightness, sustainability and social awareness.  Using the analogy of the 'bliss point' within the design context we will explore using real projects the perfect combination of the physical, environmental, social, physiological and emotional definers that are behind great architecture.

This Keynote Address will be given by Alistair Richardson of Cox Architecture. 

Alistair Richardson is one of Australia’s most experienced sports architects with over 18 years experience in the development, design and delivery of complex sports facilities. His work has been recognized internationally with numerous architectural and industry awards. Alistair is a regular contributor to conferences and international publications.

Alistair is passionate about designing quality public assembly buildings and spaces that create a unique sense of place to enhance the fan experience and social interaction. Alistair’s in depth knowledge of the impact of design on revenue generation at public venues combined with a passion for the integration of technology into buildings has led to the creation of some of Australasia’s leading stadia. 

Alistair joined Cox Architecture as a national Director and Director of Cox Sport in 2010 after being a Senior Principal and Director of Populous and HOK Sport.