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Welcome to our Conference Mini-Workshop.

Normally, workshops dealing with the design of membrane structures take a full day!

We are restricted to half a day so it is strongly advised that you do some preparation beforehand so you will get the most out of the workshop.

You will be divided into small groups that will have a mix of current students from MADA/RMIT as well as the delegates from the Conference. There could be about 20 such groups and you will be spread out in various rooms in the MADA building. 

As a result each group will have a spread of skills that you will need to utilize. Spend only a few minutes to introduce yourselves and give some idea of the skills/experience that you might contribute.


There is a Design Brief which is available HERE that includes several structures that we need your input on. Your group may be assigned a specific structure to work on and at the end of the workshop we all should have an opportunity to see what the other groups have produced.

We are proposing to have a number of "Mentors" that will circulate around the various groups - make use of their time !!

Prof Vinzenz Sedlak and Dr Robert Roithmayr are the main mentors and will introduce aspects of the workshop on the Friday.

Resources are available for your study on this website as noted below.

Download these - perhaps some of you will have iPads or similar to display the PDF files during the workshop.
Of course you may also be in a better position to ask questions of the Mentors as they come around.

  1. Workshop Design Brief (PDF) and site plan (PDF)
  2. A 9 page booklet introducing membrane structures (PDF)
  3. A printout of a mini-course PowerPoint slides going over most of the principles and issues with Membrane Structures (PDF)
  4. A secondary PPT printout dealing more with Cables, Shade, Wind and other stuff that goes wrong (PDF)
  5. A Model Making Materials and Guide prepared by Prof Vinzenz Sedlak (PDF) which will give a great insight into how to approach the building of your model. We will be supplying a selection of materials ... but if you would like to bring along any "pantihose" you would be welcome - we are sourcing some Lycra. Your project solution may use a variation of the fundamental types in this document - or a combination.

 Other material should be added.

 An email to all registered students and delegates for the workshop was sent about midnight on August 31 with details of which group you will be in and what structure/model you will be working on. The revised brief with groups can be found HERE