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LSAA 2018 Conference Event Bookings

Bookings for the Conference will be done through an external booking agent Eventbrite.

Actual Registrations and Payments for the following Ticket Types can be done HERE 
please click on the Green Tickets button in the new Eventbrite window. Thanks

There will be a number of different "event ticket types". All attendees are required to register.

Conference Homepage


  1. Full two day registration for LSAA Financial members
    (includes Presentations, tea breaks, lunch, Workshop, Dinner and Awards Presentation) $800 

  2. Full two day registration for non-LSAA attendees - see note below
    (includes Presentations, tea breaks, lunch, Workshop, Dinner and Awards Presentation) $950

  3. Full Time Student registration (Student ID to be provided)
    (includes Presentations, tea breaks, lunch, Workshop and Public Lecture) $80

  4. Attendance at the Public Lecture only
    "Weaving tomorrow" by Knut Stockhusen (sbp) $25

  5. Tickets for additional partners and guests for the Cocktails, Conference Dinner and Design Awards $150

  6. Fees for Design Award Entries - see Entry Forms for payment details
    $200 per entry for LSAA Members. (non-members have a higher fee of $300)

  7. Tickets for speakers, sponsors and organizers will be issued individually by the organizing committee.

Note: Companies that are currently non-members may join LSAA and register at the discounted price provided the membership application is completed by the end of September 2018 along with payment. Refer to the information on the website HERE.