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Flemington Racecourse Meeting Point
Flemington Racecourse Meeting Point

Flemington Racecourse Meeting Point


Entered in the LSAA 2007 Design Awards (Cat 3, #3001)

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp (later MakMax)

Client: Victoria Racing Club    Architect: Taiyo Membrane Corporation
Structural Engineer: Xiang Du (TMC)   Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

Application and Function:

The purpose was to provide a dynamic meeting point to the North of the Flemington Racecourse, where people can meet, greet and gather prior to entering the grounds. [Stored as a Small Fabric Structure]



Design Brief

The client requested that the structure should reflect existing trees around the Northern entrance, and create a striking new developed addition to the site. The client also desired an eco-friendly structure.
TMC realized the client concept by designing the structure to collect water and channeled it to their stormwater storage to hydrate surrounding gardens and trees (column acting as down pipes).

Structural Systems

Inverted cones supported by an external “tree frame”.  The top skin stretches around the perimeter of the top rings.  The rings are braced by arches which also prevent the top fabric from ponding.


Fabric: Ferrari F702T2

Fabrication and Construction

An all steel transportable section.  Bolt on site to form the structure and the columns act as down pipes.

Construction Sequence: Footing by builder, erect steel, install conical membrane then install top membrane.